Genealogy of the Bollegra(a)f Family

We are Ina Bollegraaf and Meint Hendrik Tempel.

We live in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Our hobby is the Genealogy of the surnames, Bollegraaf, Bollegraf and Tempel.

Everybody who kan give us information about persons with these surnames, Please Mail me.

Wij zijn Ina Bollegraaf enMeint Hendrik Tempel.

Wij wonen in Groningen, Nederland.

Onze hobby is de Genealogy van de achternamen, Bollegraaf, Bollegraf, Kaldijk en Tempel.

Iedereen die ons informatie kan verstrekken, Mail me.

Prepared by:

Ina Bollegraaf
Meint H. Tempel
Groningen, The Netherlands

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